Online Registration:
For online registration please fill online form, contact nearest NSIC branch for required documents scan them and upload the same. The originals of certificates and other document may be shown as demanded by branch or field office.

Proceed for  Online Registration for GP

Offline Registration:

  1. The Micro & Small Enterprise has to submit the application form (in duplicate) along-with requisite fee and documents to the Zonal/Branch and Sub Office/Extension office of NSIC situated nearest to their location.

  2. Duplicate copy of the G.P. Registration Application Form submitted by the Micro & Small Enterprise will be forwarded to the concerned MSME-DI RITES / CDC along with copies of required documents and requisite Draft/Pay Order of inspection charges in favor of concerned Inspection Agency requesting for carrying out the Technical Inspection of Micro & Small Enterprise and forward their recommendations in this regard.

  3. After receiving MSME-DI Inspection Report, NSIC will issue the GP Registration Certificate to Micro & Small Enterprise for items/stores as recommended.

Procedure for calculation & fixation of Monetary Limits of Micro & Small Enterprises.

Monetary limit of the company is fixed on the basis of the unit's net sales turnover during the last three years reflected in the Audited Balance Sheets.
Monetary limit will be fixed on the basis of highest turnover during the last three year which may or may not be of last year provided the unit’s installed and operating capacity has not been reduced.

  1. In case there is no decrease in plant and machinery, then 50% of highest turnover during the last 3 years reflected in audited balance sheet will be the basis for fixation of monetary limit.

  2. In case there is decrease in plant and machinery for more than 10%, the following will be considered:

    1. Where the turnover of the Enterprise has steadily increased over the last three years and the unit is in profit continuously, the Monetary Limit may be fixed at 50% of net sales turnover achieved in the last year.

    2. In case the Company/Partnership concern/Proprietorship unit is in loss for one year out of past three years, their monetary limit will be fixed at 40% of their average net sales turnover.

    3. Similarly, when the Micro & Small Enterprise is in loss for two years out of the past three years, the monetary limit will be accordingly fixed at 30% of their average net sales turnover of the past three years.

    4. In the event of Micro & Small Enterprise being in loss throughout past three years, the monetary limit of the Unit will be fixed at 20% of the average net sales turnover of the Unit during the past three years

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